Here’s another thousand, we’re into the second half now. This one I feel like the plot is a little weak but I was running out of time and couldn’t rethink it. Hope you enjoy and as always, thoughts are welcome.


Word Count: 1057
Writing: 1 hour
Editing: 15 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

“I can’t fight anymore,” said Sadie. The room was hot and smelt of sweat and blood.

“I don’t think we have much of a choice, hopefully we can…” the room shook violently and cut Joanna off. The four of them went sprawling in all directions as far as the tight quarters would let them. Sadie jumped to her feet and rushed across the room to help the two little girls.

“Are you okay?” She asked brushing their clothes off as they stood.

“I’m okay,” said Mikaela.

“Me too,” said Molly.

“Good,” said Sadie exhaling heavily as if a weight were lifted off her chest when the little voices met her ears. She stared at them for a few more minutes silently as she listened to the sounds of war outside the walls and above the bunker.

“Girls go sit over there in that corner quietly okay?” her eyes were tearing up and she could feel her emotions trying to override logic and good common sense. “I need to talk to Ms. Joanna and then we’re going to go somewhere else where we can have hot chocolate and ice-cream alright.” The identical children nodded their dirty blonde heads. There was a distinguishable glimmer in their eyes that couldn’t be missed at the mention of sweets.

Sadie stood up and turned around to face her partner while the girls walked across the room to the corner.

“What are we gonna do?” Asked Sadie quietly. Joanna was silent for a moment before answering, but Sadie didn’t ask again or get impatient, it was just the way Joanna was. She took the time to fully think over and formulate a thought before she spoke. Sadie had always admired that about the woman.

“We’re gonna have to walk right out the front door,” Joanna said certainly.

“We won’t make it a hundred yards before we’re sniped or worse,” gasped Sadie. “What if we hole up here for a few days and see if we can wait out the worst of it?” There were her emotions again, choking out logic. Sadie knew before the question even passed her lips that it wouldn’t be an option. They’d be found and killed in hours, maybe a whole day if their luck was in. She looked over her shoulder at the pair of twins.

It was supposed to have been a quick grab and drop operation. Go there, pick-up precious cargo, then go over there, drop off precious cargo, take money, buy pretty new dress, get blackout wasted and dance face off. Bada-bing-bada-boom. Easy Peasy.

Then she met the cargo, the last set of twins on planet Earth. It’d been like looking at a wooly mammoth, or a dinosaur, the first time she’d laid eyes on them. But after the initial shock all she could see was their beauty, sweet little girls who had no idea how important they were. It didn’t help that they were bright children and had enjoyed talking and telling vivid stories on their three-day journey from the pickup to the drop off. It only took a few hours for Sadie to fall in love.

“You know that’s not an option,” said Joanna, bringing Sadie’s attention back to the task at hand. “What is your ammo situation looking like?” Sadie felt her belt and the side holsters on her thighs.

“Not great, twelve clips for my sidearm and whatever’s left in that rifle. I’m sure there will be plenty around to grab, but I doubt highly we’ll have time enough to stop even for a half-a-second.” Joanna nodded and stared deeply at the solid metal floor.

“They could stay here and…”

No!” Sadie cut her off. “They come or all this was for nothing.” She looked back at the girls remembering when the declaration had been made that any and all twin births were to be terminated, and any currently living twins were wanted dead or alive. It was after a parapsych gene was discovered in twins and an insane brother and sister tried to take over the world. They killed thousands with a power that was unmatched by anything normal humans were capable of, and science could find no way to exterminate the gene aside from destroying any and all hosts.

“The job is done, this is the drop-off and they’re here, it’s not our fault the world just happens to be going to shit outside,” Joanna said matter-of-factly.

“What if they could change it? What if they could bring peace and stop the wars. You remember the power.” Sadie said, that emotional desperate hope sneaking back into her voice.

“No,” Joanna said, “I don’t, and you don’t either. We were children, and this isn’t our fight.” Sadie stared hard into her partner’s eyes with raw determination. Joanna sighed meeting her gaze,

“Fine,” she said accepting defeat and understanding that unless she planned on leaving her friend to die the twins were coming. “Tell them to stay low, behind us, and hide behind anything they can find if we get caught in a firefight.” Joanna paused, pulled her sidearm from its holster and cocked it. “I’m gonna go scout ahead, wait for my signal.” She turned and headed for the door.

“Thank you,” said Sadie. Joanna kept walking as though she didn’t hear, but Sadie knew she did.

“Okay girls,” she said in as cheery a voice as she could muster. “We’re gonna go on a little adventure. There are a lot of dangerous things happening outside so I want you to stay behind me and duck while you run.” The twins were standing in front of her now and Sadie was squatting to speak with them on their level. “Can you show me how you duck when you run?” Immediately the girls hunkered down into a crouch that still allowed them to move. Sadie smiled and an unexpected giggle escaped her.

“Good job girls, that’s perfect.” They were beautiful and she loved them, whatever was to come she didn’t know, maybe they all die, maybe they live happily ever after.

“Let’s move,” Joanna’s voice called from the dark at the top of the stair. Sadie stood and knew no matter what came next, she would give her life for these girls as many times as it took to protect them.

“Come on girls, we have ice cream to get to.” 



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